Our Story

We’re Forward Thinkers

We love using forward thinking combined with innovative proprietary methods to increase value and production for your business and your customers.

Since 2016

Establishing ourselves at the forefront of Cannabis Manufacturing began in Long Beach, California in 2016, upon the passage of Proposition 64.  This being a milestone in our journey that began a decade earlier in the Medical Cannabis Industry. From here, EvoLife was born, a team of experts with cutting edge techniques and skills. 

We Love Long Beach

EvoLife isn’t in Long Beach by accident!  EvoLife and Long Beach together are at the forefront of Cannabis culture and innovation, proud of a city that is positioned to be the “Silicon Valley” of Cannabis with progressive strategies and tax benefits for you, offering the lowest tax rate in California!

Long Beach has long stood as a leader in technology, sports, music, art and most recently (again) the space industry.  Cannabis is here to stay! 

Contact us for a visit and tour of our facility and always know that our home is your home! 

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