Why Evolife?

Scalable Growth Solutions

EvoLife helps you continue to differentiate your brand and product line with new, consistent and scalable product experiences in a variety of applications and consumer packaged goods. Natural product formulations remain EvoLife’s core competency, supplemented by manufacturing of key ingredients (aroma, flavor, and terpene compounds). Custom formulations can be specific, flavored, and designed for your needs and wants.

Save on Taxes

EvoLife can help!  In 2020, our beautiful City of Long Beach approved the lowest tax rate in the State, enabling producers and consumers to save tremendously.  Long Beach is poised to become the “Silicon Valley of Cannabis” and EvoLife is surely at the forefront of this vision, integrating our own vision in refining and production of high quality products for the marketplace.  Contact EvoLife today to find out more on how we can save you money on taxes, increase your profit and design products for your business needs and wants.